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Futuristic Hybrid Porsche AG918 Spyder Car

The sports and luxurious is always been a “Hot Cakes” for car lovers and fans of branded motor vehicle models. The all new modernized and attractive model of Porsche 918 Spyder is just unveiled photographs on the occasion of the vehicles first driving trials by Porsche Motor Industry. This Porsche model is futuristic 918 Spyder […]

Unique And Creative Personal Air Vehicle

In hustle bustle life sometimes it’s seem to be in a position that we gear up with latest technologies and innovative peripherals still on track to get more something beyond this….? Due to get stuck in heavy traffic jams and fuel consumption a personal land and air vehicle has introduced. PAL-V is the initial car […]

Weird Hearses Around The World

Hearses were originally horse-drawn, but silent electric motorised carts were introduced as horses began to be phased out as transportation. Examples that were used in Paris were reported in the pages of Scientific American May 1907 and petrol-driven hearses began to be produced from 1909 in the United States. Motorised hearses became more widely accepted […]

Classy and Phenomenal Top Cars

We have seen a lot of relationships in this world today we are talking about a completely different relationship and that is the relationship of Men and cars, there is a weird relationship between the two. The male gender always adores cars, the VROOM sound, the interior; the paint…everything about a car is magical to […]

Stylish Car Designer Chip Foose

Chip Foose is a car designer and legend of the automotive industry. Chip Foose has created lot of car designs for years. He is known for his clean designs and sophisticated style. He works hard on all his projects. Chip Foose is the winner of many Awards. He is also known for TV series overhauling. […]

Cool and Awesome Water Car

Amphibious automobiles have been conceived from ca. 1900; however the Second World War significantly stimulated their development. Two of the most significant amphibious cars to date were developed during World War II. The most proliferous was the German Schwimmwagen, a small jeep-like 4×4 vehicle designed by the Porsche engineering firm in 1942 and widely used […]

Modern Private Jet Embraer Legacy

The Embraer Legacy 600 is a business jet based on the ERJ 135 model. The Legacy carries 16 passengers for 5,650 km or 8 passengers for 6,390 km. The jet is equipped with the latest avionics and entertainment system to make  each flight both safe and enjoyable. Maximum speed: 834 km/h Height: 6.76 m Length: […]

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