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Incredible Underwater Photography Shots

Underwater photography is a specialized art, relatively few photographers attempt it. Underwater photography is the most difficult and it needs many ability and patience to capture some great shots underwater. Many photographers have risked their lives in these dangerous waters to capture some of the best shots, In this post I have listed some of […]

Most Beautiful Sea Animals

Marine life has many attraction for everyone. And mostly people like to have pet fish in their beautiful aquarium. Here I collect some most beautiful and colorful aquarium fish for their interest. The mesmerizing feeling of warm sun rays leaning down into  tropical waters, and breaking back through the water’s vivid facade as it rebounds […]

Stunning Underwater Photography

Photography is a passion and underwater photography is the most difficult. Capturing an image underwater is too much difficult because what is the real thing or scene is, that the photographer wants to take or shoot, it will be awesome if we see at that scene from photographer’s eye view but in water hold breath […]

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