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Wonderful Creative Artwork By Elisa Mora

Flowers are the most attractive things in this universe We see a lot of creativities with flowers but this time I bring a newest and most creative artwork by Elisa Mora. Elisa Mora is a very creative artist. She has made a lot of stunning and inspiring masterpieces in art world. you can say that […]

Macro Nature Images By Cristina

Christina is a female photographer from Germany.  Apart from photography she likes music and movies.   Check out these beautiful macro photographs from the talented photographer after the jump.  Check out her complete collection at her Deviantart profile.This diverse commercial expertise combined with an eye for elegant, photojournalist-style compositions results in images that are candid, emotive […]

Great Paintings With Cars

I’m always amazed by digital painting landscapes because the artists manage to catch in their works images that photographers aren’t able to, images out of this world, driven from the imagination of their creators. As you probably figured out, I tend to like more the surreal and fantasy ones rather than the usual paintings which […]

Lovely Colors Of Autumn

Sometimes we do not notice the beauty, which the nature gives us. Autumn is a lovely but sad season in which somewhere the ground is covered with a lot of fallen dead leaves. Autumn is the most colorful season among the four seasons. Whole Nature gets filled with colors during Autumn. Trees look as if […]

25 Biggest Egomaniac Sportsmen

With all the money and media attention, it is no surprise that the world of sports is full of gigantic egos, but not all big egos are necessarily damaging. Some players are able to keep their ego separate from their duties to their team, and are a positive influence on those around them.Egotism is “characterized […]

25 Creative USB Designs

In a modern world little time is left to contemplate, to take time and enjoy the natural wonders around us.Most of us gadget geeks like to flaunt our gadgets, most of our pet gadgets define us and portray our personality. As gadget geeks, we also like to keep ourselves updated on the latest news about […]

Fantastic Eco Cardboard Artwork

Who doesn’t love art that breaks the mold? Recycled art and design, green art and extraordinary art from everyday objects  all stimulate the imagination in ways ordinary works can rarely achieve – and cardboard art is no exception. Recycled and environment friendly, the following artwork is not just an expression of the artists’ points of […]

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