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Beautiful Street Art By Etam Cru

The stunning art of walls and street up to our view has come up with different artist around the globe. But the amazing and beautiful street art which has stunning displays through a kilometer far away from the location has marked its identity as the creative street art. We would like to share some of […]

Ernest Zacharevic Interactive Street Artist

Creative illustration examples of street art can’t be found anywhere else except Penang, Malaysia. A Lithuanian artist has created some very attractive examples on public walls. Ernest Zacharevic, an artist age at 25 has decorated the city walls with his clever art skills in street art. This street art is exhibited in festival and the […]

Arcade Game Pac Man Street Painting

Leon Keer artist that designed amazing famous arcade game “3D Pac Man” street art.  The new 3D Pac Man Street painting has been popped up in the Europe country “Netherlands”. An awesome 3D street painting of a classic arcade game from the 80′s and the artist that designed the 3D LEGO Terracotta Army for the […]

Cover Artist El Mac In Streets Of Cuba

A highly respected and influential artist of public art El Mac. Whose expertise is exceptional creative with his art and designs. El Mac is basically one of the cover artists of our Public Art examination in May 2012. We have just sent him over some images of his recent mural in Havana, Cuba for the […]

Streets Of Paris In Colors Of Rainbows Paper

In the past of few months we have seen a lot of amazing paper artists recently and  we have also been inspired by many street artists around the world. Now, French artist Mademoiselle Maurice combines those two art forms into this unique rainbow origami street art which was beautifully done. In these urban installations of […]

Amazing 3D Street Art Paintings

Nowadays in graphical illustration artworks three dimensional art is very much popular. The reason being that this art form is very famous because it covers all aspects of image for viewers to make no other choice than 3D. This 3D art, frequently known as 3D chalk art is 2D artwork drawn on the street itself […]

Intellectual Street Art By Sandrine Boulet

Sometimes when things alive not sound than usually artist uses their medium source of art to make a notice to public and higher authorities. Nowadays street in urban and rural area is very much famous for innovative and intellectual to make other to get in actions. A French artist Sandrine Estrade Boulet photographs everyday objects […]

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