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Maria Freibergs Semi Subconscious Photos

Now and then the internet works in funny ways. A showcase of photos in point is the photography of Maria Freiberg, whose series “Still Lives” was shot between 2003-2007. It’s just now getting viral attention online to unique subconscious photos. The Swedish artist likes to reflect unseen Man’s relationship to nature and so maybe the […]

Hollywood Celebrity Sharon Stone Photos

A professional photographer Firooz Zahedi  has just captured some beautiful photos of “Sharon Stone” which are really outstanding. Sharon Vonne Stone born on March 10, 1958 is an American actress, film producer, and former fashion model. She achieved international recognition for her role in the erotic thriller Basic Instinct. Sharon Stone was also nominated for […]

Light Effects Painting By Janne Parviainen

A creative effect of light painting photography is an art form in which photos are manipulated manually using different kind of light sources during long exposure times. The idea of the creative art form is not to use any post production to the photo at all, all photos should be straight from the camera. Although […]

Childs Mixed Emotions By Alexandra Klever

A child cute smiles into the camera, a regular image from advertising, the media, and family albums. To be a child means to be carefree and happy all the time. One now and then comes across angry, skeptical, thoughtful or deeply sad children’s faces, seemingly taboo. A Great series of photographs exploring the ample range […]

Funny Moments Of Animal Daily Life

It’s been a daily life routine that we have face some tension and funny situations as being a normal human being. You will be amazed to see and know that similar kind of things would also happens in animals daily life such as funny moments and tense situations. It is a part of human life […]

Beautiful Wild Animals Photos

A sense of humanity includes the love and trust of animals to live a life in a natural environment. A Fear and lack of respect keeps animals from being included in our circle as significant individuals. We must provide safeguard our heritage for future generations to insure and protect a legacy which includes wildlife. Become […]

Lucas Simoes Cut Up Layered Photography

May it has taken a history period to invent something creative after a span of time but now it’s just all look likes “Rubbish”. An advanced technology has changed all old tactics and concept of modifications. One of its best examples if digital art and illustrations. An artist name Lucas Simoes from Brazil. “Cut Up” […]

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