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Arcade Game Pac Man Street Painting

Leon Keer artist that designed amazing famous arcade game “3D Pac Man” street art.  The new 3D Pac Man Street painting has been popped up in the Europe country “Netherlands”. An awesome 3D street painting of a classic arcade game from the 80′s and the artist that designed the 3D LEGO Terracotta Army for the […]

Scary Paintings of Meat By Victoria Reynolds

A unique and very malicious form of paintings which is obvious that Victoria Reynolds is a skilled artist, but we personally don’t really see why someone would want one of her paintings in their home or collection. These scary paintings really seem to promote a kind of negative energy that only a butcher or serial […]

Animal Painted Portraits By Charlotte Caron

A beautiful painted portrait by Charlotte Caron’s is a collection of fine artworks. A Charlotte Caron, graduating from Fine Arts with honors just last year to excels her professional artist work; already she has an impressive body of work. A collection is chunked into four series i.e. Landscapes, Portraits, Vanities, and Anatomy—the unique and creative […]

Magical Surrealism Paintings Of Human Nature

A surreal depiction of human nature versus the universe by an artist. The Ireland-based Polish painter Tomasz Alen Kopera uses basic oils and acrylics on canvas to envelop his audience into an ethereal realm where the surreal prevails.  His painting works employs themes of “magical surrealism” in his paintings, though there’s more of an unspoken […]

Incredible Painting Illustration Art

A self taught creative illustration artist “Tiffany Bozic” currently living and working in San Francisco, California. She has spent the majority of her life living with and observing the intricacies of nature of life. Since childhood she has grown up on a farm in Arkansas, by which she was inspired by the natural world at […]

Creative Embroidered Illustration Art

Just how good is Izziyana Suhaimi in her creative skills of art illustration? Let us count the way and would like to share some creative illustration arts: the Singaporean artist embroiders to pinpoint excellence, dabbles with watercolor, and obviously knows how to wield a pencil on it.  And she tends to do all these things […]

Fabulous Paintings On Hands

We see a lot of paintings in our daily routine but this morning I saw a very awesome painting on hands that were beautifully painted in the style of many animals and photographed to look like that animal (hard to describe, the pictures speak for themselves). It didn’t give the name of the artist, so […]

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