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Breathtaking Sunset Photography

Sunset is daily disappearance but sunset try to say people. One more day is finished try to please peace of this world. Sunset color is typically more brilliant then sunrise colors, because the evening air contains more particles than morning air. Sunsets on other planets appear different because of the difference in the distance of […]

Amazing Landscape Photography

Landscape comprise the visible skin of an area of land, with the substantial basics of landforms such as (ice-capped)mountain, hill, water bodies such as rivers, lakes, ponds and the sea, breathing elements of land cover including indigenous vegetation, human elements including different forms of land use, buildings and structures, and transitory elements such as lighting […]

Random Nature Photography

Nature, in the broadest sense, is equal to the natural world, bodily world, or stuff world. “Nature” refers to the phenomenon of the physical world, and also to life in general. It ranges in scale from the subatomic to the cosmic.The word nature is derived from the Latin word natura, or “essential qualities, innate nature”, […]

Tremendous Nature Photography

In recent decades the term surroundings has gain wide practice. Jay Appleton (see Environmental psychology) distinguished environment from landscape by referring to the latter as “the environment perceived”. An advantage which the term environment has over landscape is, as Bourassa noted, that atmosphere can refer more eagerly to urban scene even if the term urban […]

Really Magnificent Waterfall Photography

stream happen to wider and shallower just above waterfalls owed to flowing over the rock shelf, and there is usually a deep area just below the waterfall because of the kinetic energy of the water hitting the bottom. Waterfalls normally form in a rocky area due to erosion. After a long period of being fully […]

Excellent Nature Photography

The impressive situations have been much altered from the original setting by the attendance of life-forms, which create an natural balance that stabilize the surface environment. Despite the wide regional variation in climate by freedom and other geographic factors, the long-term average global climate is quite stable during interglacial periods, and variation of a degree […]

Thai Culture And Nature In A Meaningful

Every year during the first weekend in February is the Chiangmai Flower Festival. The city is awash with vibrant colors ranging from the emotional orange and lilac colors of the bougainvillea to the velvety blossoms of petunias in all shades of pink, white and purple. The strident red of the poinsettias, bought by many at […]

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