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Amazing Photography Of Nepal Honey Hunters

A nature is beautiful and amazing at every scene of universe beauty. A French photographer Éric Valli has captured beautiful moment of honey been hunters of Nepal while they’re on their jobs. In his photography techniques a photographer and film director has put best of his skills to capture these natural moments. Eric Valli spent […]

Great Photos Collection Of National Geographic

If you are proficient photographers and also desire to share your substance as well presently your art. This photo compilation of National Geographic is the greatest of 2011. There are wonderful possessions in these photos as well which show the ability of photographers. These pictures will be inspiring for you and you can obtain proficient […]

Macro Photography Insects And Small Animals

“I do like taking portraits of small animals from their perspective.They are foreign, otherworldly looking creatures – the closer you get to them, the stronger the effect. See, insects have those totally alien, Gigeresque forms that I find somehow fascinating.Important to first understand the macro to the digital side of production. Macro is a close-up […]

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