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Comic Books Character Art Illustrations

Interesting and creative funny characters of cartoons and comic books are very much familiar to children’s. A man basically from New Haven, CT based artist Christopher Uminga came up with a different style of portraying comic book characters who have been our childhood heroes. Below are some of the art illustrations that are very amazing […]

Interesting Art The Coffee Stain Portraits

This woman possesses an exceptional and amazing ability. To see Red’s spotlight as she carefully places the mug dipped in coffee space by space, ring by ring on the paper is astonishing. I can see in her eyes that she is spatially picturing what the entire of her design will look like, as she completes […]

Amazing Twingo Art Cars

Art is the great techniques to transform the life in different ways. Here we shared interesting art of cars. To encourage the New Twingo, Renault has enlisted the mutual innovative ability of four European artists, as well as Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud, to create a series of modified city cars. Renault offered four “artists” […]

Great Abstract Artwork Examples

In today’s time abstract design are in high trend due to its awesome composition, lighting and color. These kind of artwork are very attractive and unique. Abstract art uses a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world.Here […]

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