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Creative Style Icon Denim Fridge

Smeg and Italia sovereign taint the icons of what went before to produce a new style icon. Over 60 years in past experience Smeg have designed and continue to design numerous of appliances to adorn homes around the world. The Italia Independent and a brand of creativity with style which have contaminated two icons: i.e. […]

3d Living Typography Alphabets

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine just how common house sparrows bird used to be accommodated. These sparrow birds were flew everywhere, the ultimate groupie to humankind. Due to city congestion it seemed that they were untouchable but study proves that there is a sharp decline in the number of house sparrow birds. The heavy […]

Charming Marinas Bird Lamps Collection

A unique and creative design of Marina’s Bird Lamps Collection is on just push of button to turn it on. So let’s return to the theme of birds. The cute and delightful lamp in the form of bird is a part of avian-themed collection “Marina’s Bird” created by Belarus design studio Fajno. This unique collection […]

Creative Tea Bag Holder Tea Tanic

A latest tech design this month has been invented with a history of world on the anniversary of “Titanic” by craftsman. A Creative and unique design tea bag holder was designed by Gordon Adler for the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster. It was made out of stainless steel; TEA.tanic fits all coffee and tea […]

Unique And Unusual Porcelain Designs Vases

An industrial design porcelain unusual shape and color vases are creatively designed by Michael Breschi on this show. An Italian design studio “Gentle Giants” represents their latest project called “Industry Porcelain”. With the help of white porcelain Michael Breschi has created a series of ceramic vases with gold metal bases. It has been illustrated the […]

Extravagance Type Of USB By Sweden

A “Magic Mushroom” like USB key has been introduced and designed by the Swedish jewellery house Shawish.  This Jewelry house has always continues the tradition of launching a luxury and unique things. After making a design of World’s First All-diamond 150-carat Ring that worth $70 million Shawish has presented World’s Most Expensive USB Key. This […]

Creative Plates Design By Boguslaw Sliwinski

Artwork is an unlimited thoughts and inspiration work to do so. Sometime we create such an amazing and attractive patterns which may catch viewer’s imagination in each piece of art. A craftsman from Poland named Boguslaw Sliwinski has done a great job to reshape common crockery into an art piece.In addition to creative transportation plate’s […]

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