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Funny And Creative Ads Of Biz World

Nowadays all daily life routines and biz news update are on just finger tips, they paid heavy amounts for attractive commercials and ads to compete markets in this business competition. We have seen many blizzard and funny commercials of various companies marketing products cheaply.  Some of creative and funny ads use most of the channels […]

Most Funny And Clever Print Ads

Humor is one of the most commonly used elements in advertising.By making the viewer laugh, smile and be entertained, the viewer is left with a lasting memory and impression from the advertisement that might influence their actions later.Print adverts need to get a message across with a single image and without the recourse of interactivity […]

We’re A Culture, Not A Costume

‘We’re a culture, not a costume’, The movement, headline  shows metaphors of people of different ethnic groups share images party goers whose costumes they say parody their cultures. We know Halloween is a occasion for parties, dressing up and having fun with a bit of safe but creepy fantasize. But a group of college students […]

Funny Print Ads Collection

For the success for any company or products, advertise play an important role in these days because through advertisement we can deliver our powerful message to the consumers and can get their attention. These are a collection of originative and also very funny advertisements which are granted to catch your attention and make you giggle. […]

30 Most Funny Advertisements

Now a days Advertising Companies are making the most amazing advertising campaigns with interesting sculptures or paintings. These advertisments need a very long time to think and a very inteligent mind. It would be pretty dificult to not notice these gaint, everyday items on the streets. Although, I really don’t know what product most of […]

Some Crazy & Interesting uses of Laptops

Most of us use laptops for business, surfing, gaming, programming and computing. There can be numerous uses of laptops other than those mentioned above, those ideas are not enough, today funzday some other ideas of using laptop that will must bring smile on your face, There are some weird and interesting uses of laptops, but […]

Rear Idea Sleeping In the Library

In this fast age what we want? Peace, silence and library is the most favorite place where we can find these two rear things of this age, What a place to sleep most comfortable and appropriate? Of course the library, there’s always quiet, comfortable and not lonely… You recognize yourself as a student?  Take a […]

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