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Colorful Street Art Hong Kong And Veitnam

Here we would like to share some creative and amazing paper art with colors of urban origami installations on the streets of Hong Kong and Vietnam by French artist Mademoiselle Maurice. This summer colors bring by the French paper artist Mademoiselle Maurice (earlier) took her exceptional style of urban origami installation to the streets of […]

Awesome Work Of Debombourg Baptist

Many artists has various medium of arts and resources to be publicized but only few have some creative art skills which can’t be imagine at all. The artist in focus on today list is a Paris based lover of haywire work who goes by the name of Debombourg Baptist. Debombourg Baptist forte is the use […]

Rainbow Colored Forest By French Artist

Are you ready for a fantastic installation that will makes you want to hop on a plane to Paris? A French conceptual artist Daniel Buren presents Excentrique(s), an incredibly beautiful exhibit at the Grand Palais spot. A Rainbow colored disks act like trees one walks underneath. Which its part of Monumenta, an annual art project […]

Cave Installation Lights Up the Ceiling

A creative product of beautiful lights has been invented with collaboration of French artist Julien Salaud created a luminescent ceiling installation titled Grotte Stellaire, which generally translates as Stellar Cave, at Palais de Tokyo’s Alice Guy Hall in Paris. The sculptural light system involves interweaving strands of white string, held down with nails, illuminated by […]

Creative Street Art By French Artist

Saint-Etienne-based French artist OakOak loves to play with urban elements and create amazing ephemeral pieces of street art. We really like the artist’s art “improvisations”  and believe they are able to make anyone’s day just by encountering them unexpectedly on the street. There is even a design idea that you might have observed (the one […]

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