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Great Digital Art Photo Realistic Portraits

Countless have criticized this kind of art, because it is believed to be creating nothing new, as it virtually doubles the actual photo. Photorealism” is a type of painting stand on using photos and creating a painting that appears accurately resembling the full photograph.  This way the painting itself will look really close to reality. […]

25 Spectacular Digital Artworks

Digital Artwork is not immediately creative work but with your imagination you can generate such remarkable painting that each viewer of your painting will say WOW. Digital art is a broad term for a range of creative works and practices that use digital tech as a imperative part of the innovative and presentation process. With […]

Most Beautiful Digital Girls

Girls are the most beautiful and inspiring gift of God. Every man dream of a lovely and pretty girl in his imagination, here I present some most beautiful and attractive cg girls for your dream world.Computer generated artwork are mostly the digital paintings of their real-life counter parts but not every time. Recently, CG has […]

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