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Stimulating Color Bind Art By Roy Nachum

A thought provokes by colors bind artworks is stimulating your mind. This creative artwork is done by Artist Roy Nachum. It is all about the tactile experience of art skills. Roy Nachum likes to throw the whole “look but don’t touch” theory out of the window with his unique visual art that is accessible to […]

Cover Artist El Mac In Streets Of Cuba

A highly respected and influential artist of public art El Mac. Whose expertise is exceptional creative with his art and designs. El Mac is basically one of the cover artists of our Public Art examination in May 2012. We have just sent him over some images of his recent mural in Havana, Cuba for the […]

Incredible 3D Suspended Rock Installations

An art of doing things in practice by using normal materials is an extra ordinary effort. The same act of this kind is been don by Korean artist Jae Hyo Lee. He is known for his comprehensive works made with organic materials found in nature. The modern artist’s pieces often utilize the natural media, reconfiguring […]

Amazing Screw Portraits By Andrews Myers

May you have seen beautiful and creative work of sketching your portraits which vibrant your lovely faces? But today we are going to introduce with Andrew Myers an amazing and creative artist from USA, California, Laguna Beach who has the one of the most patient modern day sculpture portrait art around. Andrew Myers go through […]

Whitney Museum 2012 By Yayoi Kusuama

Yayoi Kusama is trending in a big way this year 2012 soon in September, but if you follow Trend land you were onto it former than most.  We have previously posted on our calendar the dates of her showing at The Whitney this month but since we are such a fan and think her work […]

Intellectual Street Art By Sandrine Boulet

Sometimes when things alive not sound than usually artist uses their medium source of art to make a notice to public and higher authorities. Nowadays street in urban and rural area is very much famous for innovative and intellectual to make other to get in actions. A French artist Sandrine Estrade Boulet photographs everyday objects […]

Amazing Creation By Jeremy Mayer

An artist Jeremy Mayer from Oakland, California has created amazing typewriter sculptures.  He makes extremely detailed creative sculptures of humans and animals out of cast-off typewriter parts and recycled material which may be spoiled or not in use for modern technology in rear. Jeremy Mayer disassembles typewriters and then reassembles them into full-scale, anatomically correct […]

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