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Colored Bold Portraits By Matchsticks Art

Amazing and beautiful sculpture art by uses of common matchsticks has creates “Colored Bold Portraits”. An artist David Mach creates sculptures using a wide variety of materials from coat hangers to collaged paper but his bold portraits made out of thousands of matchsticks are some of my favorites. The general items just like to rebuild […]

Awesome Work Of Debombourg Baptist

Many artists has various medium of arts and resources to be publicized but only few have some creative art skills which can’t be imagine at all. The artist in focus on today list is a Paris based lover of haywire work who goes by the name of Debombourg Baptist. Debombourg Baptist forte is the use […]

Splendid Scotch Tape Sculptures 2012

Modern time and skills with use of great ideas work for an amazing artworks. We are assured that this contest proves that you can create art with materials sitting right on your desk. By using 15 rolls of Scotch packaging tape, Jake Longe necker nabbed first place in The Scotch Off the Roll Tape Sculpture […]

Palace Versailles Art By Joana Vasconcelos

The Palace of Versailles is the place of art similarity excellence for artist diversity, a situation where artists have always felt at home for displaying their work in it not as an exhibition space but as a setting totally imbued with creative skills art.  The place is full, complete and rich place where it seems […]

Creative Art Of Thread and Nail Portraits

Once again an Italian artist Pamela Campagna amazes and makes us curious with her intricately designed thread and nail portraits. The series of comprehensive artworks known as NETworks entail black and gray thread interwoven and tightly wound around nails that are strategically implanted in a wooden board. The result of this complex alternative to drawing […]

Art Illustration Of Metal Chips On Canvas

Various artist use different types of medium and source to represent their artworks and skills. An artist who lives in Tetyushi, Tatarstan has got an innovative idea to make canvases and scenery using metal chips instead of color paints. The artist Vladimit has creates beautiful art pieces with this unique by using basic art skills. […]

Prisoners Graphics Art By Lukas Brezak

An art illustration of drawings sketch is on collections i.e. Chimpanzee males have been measured as having five times the arm strength as a human male. Yet a young chimpanzee of four or five years, you could not hold it still if you wanted to do so. Their muscles are much stronger and the adult […]

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