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Practically Classic Characters Real Paintings

A common and traditional collection of realism classic painting artworks is blended with amazing brush strokes. An artist from USA, Utah name William Whitaker classic usual characteristics paintings collection is for your view is been compelled. Most of his artworks is done at home based studio and he uses watercolors to draw these beautiful paintings.  […]

Most Fantastic Animal Paintings By Jen Lobo

We like and love animal photographs in real but we do admire their paintings too.  Jen Lobo  is really good female artist lives in Padena, Califfornia-USA. An artwork of she likes to do illustration, gallery work, spawn offspring, collecting abandoned bird’s nests. All animals into his work of arts of oil painting is on canvas […]

Human Life Portraits By Patrick Bremer

A series of strange and most common life actions portraits has been created on paper sheets with use of newspaper cuttings outlay. An artist from Brighton named Mr. Patrick Bremer has shown great art skills to mesmerized portraits to sound. A painter who has chosen collage and oils for his medium to create these portraits. […]

Beautiful Animals Oil Paintings

Oil painting is the process of painting with stains that are bound with a medium of drying oil particularly in early new Europe, linseed oil.i think that art is whatever you are inspired by and if you are a talented artist you can make any subject art worthy. this artist has done that masterfully. I […]

15 Colorful Paintings By Leonid Afremov

Here are 15 colorful paintings, all haggard by a Belorussian painter Leonid Afremov. It took 10 existences for Leonid to construct up his palette-knife treatment ability up to the plane that it is now, and his painting method is established by specialist to be completely only one of its kind and not able of being […]

Tilt Shifted Paintings By Van Gogh

Most likely you’ve already seen a lot of great tilt-shift photography examples lately, but you probably haven’t seen it done with paintings yet! If you are new to this, “tilt shift” is an effect that gives a real-world scene an illusion of being a miniature model. It can be achieved in two ways : optically […]

Latest T-Shirt Designs

One obvious way a person can express his views and feelings is by fashion. Whatever your taste might be, we can guarantee you will like at least one of the following t-shirts! As creatives, we love to see interesting designs pushed to new heights. Once we find those incredible designs, we appreciate them for what […]

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