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Zara Lookbook For Upcoming Season 2011

I love the styling and Zara‘s look-books always makes me want to run to the store and buy everything. If you love bright colors and color blocking then you must stop by the store this month and check out the new products. Lots of bright black, white and some dark colors, perfect for Autumn and […]

Stunning Underwater Photography

Photography is a passion and underwater photography is the most difficult. Capturing an image underwater is too much difficult because what is the real thing or scene is, that the photographer wants to take or shoot, it will be awesome if we see at that scene from photographer’s eye view but in water hold breath […]

25 Excellent Realistic Paintings

Have you ever seen paintings that are so real and precise that you thought they were photographs or think twice before you decide it is a painting? Photorealism has strive its way through many obstacles to justify its existence however critics sternly suggest that, there is no valid reason why photorealistic should be appreciated because […]

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