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Funny Caricatures Of Famous Celebrirties

Montreal you would have seen that there are lots of artists lined up in the streets waiting to do caricature illustrations of you. I myself got one done many years ago…very funny. In this post you will see some amazing caricatures of famous people such as Barack Obama and Clint Eastwood just to name a […]

Amazing Truck Artwork Collection

Decorating trucks in such an amazing idea. Many trucks and buses are highly customized and decorated by their owners. These adorned trucks are considered as moving art in Pakistan.Owing to the decor style, these vehicles are quite distinct in layout from other trucks around the world. Like roving art galleries they depict all themes of […]

Beautiful Miniature Artwork By Szymon Klimek

Miniatures are the most famous and hot favorite artwork from 19s century. Most people create very attractive miniatures in form of common things but in bottles. Everyone saw beautiful miniature copies of houses, ships or trains in the bottles. But it turns out that this is not the most complex miniature art. Artist Szymon Klimek  […]

Interesting Celebrities Caricatures

There are many awesome artists out there and there work is really worth watching. Here is a showcase of 25 of the greatest celebrity caricatures found over at deviant ART. I hope you will smile, be inspired, be amazed and maybe even go over to the deviant ART community to have a closer look at […]

Fabulous Paintings On Hands

We see a lot of paintings in our daily routine but this morning I saw a very awesome painting on hands that were beautifully painted in the style of many animals and photographed to look like that animal (hard to describe, the pictures speak for themselves). It didn’t give the name of the artist, so […]

Amazing Bubblegum Art By Maurizio Savini

Italian artist Maurizio Savini, creates amazing sculptures from regular pink and white chewing gum.The synthetic fleshliness of the pink color, the obsessive square shape of the product unwrapped and ready to be shred to pieces by the power of the tongue, all compete in crashing on the senses. Applying all this to the power and […]

Creative Fruits Photography

Creative photography is a superb art in which artist manipulate some images. Cutting fruits is a fun and many artists play with it as in my recent post I collect some beautiful images of some creative photographers artwork. These photographers made these photos in photoshop and make some creativity. Look how beautifully he cuts an […]

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