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The Hemloft Creative House Design

Now and then life gets a bit overwhelming and you just need your own little haven to get away. This seems to be exactly that you are willing to such place which has comforts and relax environment. It’s called “The Hemloft” which is an egg shaped tree house built by Joel Allen located in Whistler, […]

Creative Concept Design Of Dupli Casa

A new and creative design for Dupli Casa has been presented as the geometry of the Dupli Casa, which is based on the footprint of the house that previously was located on the site, originally built in 1984 and with many extensions and modifications since then. The new design of building echoes the “family archeology” […]

Creative Motorcycle Apartments In Tokyo

An apartment creatively and specifically designed for motorcyclists in Tokyo. These particular apartments are designed to facilitate and shared affinity for motorcycles, these apartments are choose to reside in Tokyo’s NE Apartment and built in collaboration by architects Akiyoshi Takagi, Yuji Nakae, and Hiroshi Ohno. The modern residential building was constructed exclusively for motorcycle enthusiasts, […]

Airplane Boeing727 Converted Into Hotel

Garnered with salvaged material of Boeing 727 Airplane which was converted into Hotel Room. Plenty of people fall asleep on airplane. This model and concept has been initiate to a new trend and a level. Most of the seats have been removed, allowing guests to roam about the cabin as they would at any other […]

Most Strange Buildings Around The World

People like to use some strangest things to look different than others but making extremely strange buildings is very unique idea. Normally people like formal home designs but some crazy people like to make such as a building which will be the perfect reorganization of that place. In case I bring a superb gallery such […]

Creative Photography by Geof Kern

Creative photography is a superb art in which artist manipulate some images. They might be celebrities images or common people or something other. Like in my recent post you can see the awesome creative artwork of Geof Kern. Geof Kern stands among the most awarded American photographers. With an unfettered imagination he worked for the […]

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