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Interesting Ocean Surfing Photography

Amazing Photography of surfing people on the worlds biggest oceans.If you thought surf photography had to look slick to be cool, then you haven’t seen these photos.n sea waves surfing which doing on surf board is truly so heart touching support. Sea waves are suitable for surfing although sometimes it’s also found in lakes and […]

Amazing Mother And Daughter Photography Julia

German photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten brings in d her latest series called Mothers & Daughters; she reveals the mother-daughter association in a very frosty and occasionally morbid way. Based on her vision and her own experiences, she describes the various complexities convolution of this relationship as the girl cultivates. Julia had a huge achievement in 2007 […]

Most Creative Shadow Art

Shadow art is a unique form of sculptural art where the 2D shadows cast by a 3D sculpture are essential for the artistic effect. In stating that shadow art can be produced with the use of innovative lighting techniques, it doesn’t limit a person on what design materials to utilize – as long as the […]

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