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Creative Cuts Of Paper By Ryuta Lida

Ryuta Lida is a Japanese artist who cuts out thick volumes of paper very creatively and technically [i.e. magazines and books] to form sculptural objects. You might had not seen this done once before by the artist Tim Hawkinson at his solo LACMA exhibit in 2005 and it has boggled me ever since uncounted. Consequently, […]

Household Objects Claimed Animal Sculptures

An sculpture and craft work artist has made amazing animals sculptures from household object which were wasted by us in different items, but the skills of creative artist has reclaimed some amazing sculptures from it. The artist Sayaka Ganz was born in Yokohama, Japan. Further he grew up while living in Japan, Hong Kong and […]

Cute Boiled Egg Character Creations

We have seen very good and ample examples of food stuff cool miniature art. Now today we would like to share with you some characters and funny faces of boiled eggs. If we do remember that as a child, we were always told not play with food. However sometime, it is fun to play and […]

Creative And Playful Unique Mug Design

Each and every utensil is main part of kitchen accessories but few of them are very much in use. Therefore, Mugs aren’t just simple ceramic objects that hold our beverages. But if we have some creative art and ceramic mugs here for you to grab one for your kitchen, home and office.  These designs have […]

Colorful Crocheted Alligator Playground

Olek is a Brooklyn based artist who recently has created some amazing artwork while she traveled to Brazil on 2012 SESC Arts show in respect to encase a massive playground shape like an alligator in her trademark crochet covering with colorful threads. The latest and creative artworks of her “Crochet Alligator Installation” at Sao Paulo […]

Creative Ideas Making Shelves In Niches

A cool and decorative idea to place shelves in niches with brilliant concepts designs! A question arise itself that why does it needed? This is just because that this part of wall or other space area can be utilized conceptually up to the requirements of entire vacant space, at the beginning practically, and a part […]

Luxurious Compact Apartment Swedish Design

It will be very interested to share or ask you that have you ever imagine living in a home built only on 38 square meters? Not at all, because it seems like impossible that we can never think of a house in such a miniature area with luxuries. But designers have prepared it achievable too […]

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