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Macro Nature Images By Cristina

Christina is a female photographer from Germany.  Apart from photography she likes music and movies.   Check out these beautiful macro photographs from the talented photographer after the jump.  Check out her complete collection at her Deviantart profile.This diverse commercial expertise combined with an eye for elegant, photojournalist-style compositions results in images that are candid, emotive […]

Interesting And Crazy Funny Moments Ahead

Since i consider there is no fix time that when we have to  laugh and share smiles, so keeping this in view i just tried to bring beautiful funny weird pictures for you again, so that smiles can sprinkle over your faces and you like to share them with your friends and family. These funniest […]

Great Paintings With Cars

I’m always amazed by digital painting landscapes because the artists manage to catch in their works images that photographers aren’t able to, images out of this world, driven from the imagination of their creators. As you probably figured out, I tend to like more the surreal and fantasy ones rather than the usual paintings which […]

Red Hot New Look Ferrari Spider Convertible

Ferrari arguably designs the sleekest, sexiest racing machines available to man. The Italian sports car manufacturer just released images of the new Ferrari 458 Spider, ahead of the vehicle’s debut at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, which takes place in September.The 458 Spider is the world’s first convertible hard-top model for a rear-engined car. The […]

Lovely Colors Of Autumn

Sometimes we do not notice the beauty, which the nature gives us. Autumn is a lovely but sad season in which somewhere the ground is covered with a lot of fallen dead leaves. Autumn is the most colorful season among the four seasons. Whole Nature gets filled with colors during Autumn. Trees look as if […]

Great Miniature Origami Animals

Anyone who has attempted to create origami knows just how difficult it is. Now, imagine the skill level required to create these astonishingly miniature sculptures! Artist Anja Markiewicz uses sheets of paper smaller than an inch in width.Regular size origami is just impossible to me, so I guess that’s why I find these nano-paper-wonders created […]

25 Biggest Egomaniac Sportsmen

With all the money and media attention, it is no surprise that the world of sports is full of gigantic egos, but not all big egos are necessarily damaging. Some players are able to keep their ego separate from their duties to their team, and are a positive influence on those around them.Egotism is “characterized […]

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